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EETI Graduate Students Win Three ASEE Best Paper Awards

In a record-breaking year, three UGA graduate students working with EETI won Best Paper Awards as first authors at the 2023 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference! Animesh [Read More]


UGA Presents at ASEE Southeastern Section Annual Conference

Several of members of the University of Georgia recently attended and participated in the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Southeastern Section Annual Conference held at George Mason University in [Read More]


ENED 7010 Alumni Win UGA’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

Two College of Engineering graduate students, Manjyot Chug (middle-right) and Baviththira Suganthan (middle-left) have won one of the University of Georgia’s most prestigious teaching awards for graduate students, the 2022 [Read More]


Dr. Cheryl Gomillion’s Educational Research Featured in UGA Research Newsletter

EETI affiliate faculty member Dr. Cheryl Gomillion was recently featured in an article for the UGA Research Newsletter. In addition to highlighting her biomedical research, the article features her educational [Read More]


UGA NSBE takes Anaheim

UGA’s College of Engineering has its first table at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 48th Annual Convention hosted in Anaheim, CA.


Webinar on ProQual approach for the AERA/ ICPSR PEERS Data hub

This workshop is for STEM practitioners across formal and informal K-to-gray settings who want to learn qualitative research methods to broaden their educational change and innovation skillset. The workshop is [Read More]


Dr. John Morelock presents on models of capacity building with Dr. Amy Chan-Hilton

In November 2021, Drs. John Morelock (University of Georgia) and Amy Chan-Hilton (Southern Indiana University) presented on two complementary models of capacity building in STEM higher education during the AAC&U [Read More]


Dr. John Morelock Featured on “Reflective Teaching in a Digital Age” Podcast

Dr. Morelock was featured as a guest speaker on the May 24, 2021 episode of the podcast “Reflective Teaching in a Digital Age,” hosted by Drs. Natasha Perova-Mello and Nicole [Read More]


EETI undergraduate researchers publish journal article as lead authors

We would like to congratulate undergraduate researchers Hindo Kamanda and Davis Wilson on the publication of their journal article, The Role of Expectations in the Educational Experience and Professional Socialization [Read More]


Dr. Sochacka discusses empathy work in SEFI seminar on Emotions and Ethics in Engineering Education

Dr. Sochacka was one of three presenters to discuss connections between ethics and emotions in engineering education in an online seminar organized by the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI). [Read More]

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