Dr. May’s Team Awarded $300,000 NSF Grant to Enhance Remote Laboratory Learning

Dr. May’s Team Awarded $300,000 NSF Grant to Enhance Remote Laboratory Learning

Dominik May has been studying the practice of remote learning for the entirety of his academic career. In the wake of the pandemic, this research will be invaluable as he along with instructors around the world are rapidly shifting to online instruction.

Recently, Dr. May and his team were awarded a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant which will allow them to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating remote technology into the laboratory environment. Joining May in the study from the College of Engineering are Fred Beyette, chair of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and faculty members Beshoy Morkos, Joachim Walther and Nathaniel Hunsu. The group also features Andrew Jackson, an assistant professor at the Mary Frances Early College of Education, and Amy Ingalls, an instructional designer with UGA’s Online Learning Center. The research team hopes that the study’s findings can provide insights on what works well in the existing environment, as well as offer clues on how the broader remote learning experience might be improved.

Despite the initial challenges, Dr. May believes that ultimately, “a fully integrated remote learning experience would give students more choices and greater flexibility, empowering them to do – and accomplish – more.”

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For more information about the project: NSF EEC-EAGER

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