EETI Membership: FAQs

Q: Who can apply to be an EETI member? (Faculty? Staff? Students?)

Anyone! EETI membership is open to all faculty, staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate) in the College of Engineering, as well as anyone on the UGA campus with an interest in engineering education.


Q: Do I have to become an EETI Member to attend EETI Events?

No! Anyone can attend EETI events regardless of membership status.


Q: What are the benefits of EETI membership?

There are several benefits of becoming an EETI member, including:

  1. Official membership in the EETI community, gaining full access to the communal knowledge, resources, and support around teaching, learning, and educational research in the College of Engineering
  2. Public association with EETI as a listed member on the EETI website
  3. Ability to opt in to EETI communications around events and opportunities (in the application, you select which communications to opt into)
  4. Participation in structured opportunities to provide feedback on current and future EETI programs


Q: What are the expectations of EETI members?

EETI membership exists as a way for you to express you want to become a more strongly embedded member of the EETI community. Thus, membership comes largely without expectations. You are not expected to attend any minimum number of EETI events or accept additional formal responsibilities. That said, in order to build a stronger community and to help EETI better tailor our programming to member needs, we have a few requests of those who become members:

  1. Please strive to be a supportive member of the EETI community. That is, if someone comes to you for help or you learn something that you believe would be helpful to others, please engage with the community so we can cultivate a robust support network for teaching, learning, and educational research in the College of Engineering!
  2. Please take 15 minutes to complete the EETI programming feedback survey when we release it regularly (once every 6-12 months).


Q: How do I become a member of EETI?

To become a member, please complete the online membership application by clicking the button below:

The application is brief and mainly intended as a more formal way of collecting the information we need to realize your benefits of membership. The application will ask you for:

  • Your name, email, department, and position (for communication and website profile purposes)
  • A short, 1-paragraph bio (for your website profile)
  • An optional headshot photo (for your website profile)
  • Which types of communications you would like to receive (for communication purposes)
  • Up to three topics of interest (for helping us plan future programs)


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