About EETI

The Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI) in the College of Engineering provides a home for the excitement, diverse discussions, and ongoing initiatives in the area of Engineering Education. We focus on building community and shared capacity around the scholarship of teaching and learning that will allow us to improve our own teaching, innovate in our courses and curricula, and conduct empirical investigations to better understand our students’ experiences.

Members of the institute include faculty, staff, and students from all schools in the College. We leverage the expertise of a group of engineering education research faculty to contribute to the shared capacity of the group. Participation in institute activities is open and flexible – everybody is welcome to participate by just being part of the conversation or by getting involved in shared initiatives. “Members” is simply a term we use to include everyone who participates, including faculty, staff, and students.

EETI is currently offering the following programming.

Events and Activities

This Semester’s Programming Format

EETI’s goal is to provide a safe space where faculty, staff, and students across the College and University can continue to engage in community discussions around engineering education without fear of infection from COVID-19. Accordingly, EETI will be offering a mix of in-person and hybrid programming.

  • Our forums will be held in-person and streamed via Zoom for those attending from a distance.
  • Our EETIncubator will begin online through Zoom, and may transition to hybrid later.
  • Our peer mentoring picnics & TA Connect will be held in-person.

Engineering Education Forums

These meetings bring together all members of the institute to share ideas, hear from external presenters, and participate in capacity development activities. Lunch is provided for those attending these events in-person.

The table below details the four forums that are planned for this semester.

Date, Time, & Location* Title & Description
Tuesday, Sep. 6
12:30 – 2 PM
Driftmier 1240 & Zoom
(CANCELLED) Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Initiatives in CENGR
Join Dr. Sonia Garcia, CENGR’s Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as she discusses  and demos exciting opportunities to engage with JEDI in CENGR this semester!
Tuesday, Oct. 4
11 AM – 12:30 PM
Driftmier 1240 & Zoom
Engineering Education Open Showcase
Drs. Stooksbury & Durham will present on innovative approaches to education and educational support within and beyond the classroom!
Tuesday, Nov. 1
12:30 – 2 PM
Driftmier 1240 & Zoom
Lightning Talks: Experiences at Engineering Education Conferences
Hear about faculty and students experiences and highlights at several recent ENED conferences, including ASEE and NSBE!
Tuesday, Nov. 29
12:30 – 2 PM
Driftmier 1240 & Zoom
Distinguished Speaker Forum: Engineering Graduate Student Education and Development (working title)
Dr. Holly Matusovich, Professor of Engineering Education & Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Studies, Virginia Tech

*Dates may be subject to change. RSVP links will be sent one week prior to each forum.


This semester, EETI members will continue working one-on-one with faculty members selected for research initiation and virtual laboratory grants. Additionally, Dr. John Morelock will host a weekly EETIncubator to provide an opportunity for EETI members who are working on a specific idea in engineering education to develop their projects as part of a supportive cohort. EETIncubator sessions will be scheduled based on participants’ availability.

If you are interested in conducting research in engineering education, or attending the EETIncubator, please contact Dr. John Morelock (john.morelock@uga.edu).

Peer Mentoring Meals

This semester, peer mentoring meals will be held weekly on suitable mornings or afternoons, depending on faculty schedules and weather conditions. Peer mentoring meals will be hosted in person at local restaurants, occasionally taking the form of an outdoor picnic instead.

Please email Dr. Savadatti (sidsavad@uga.edu) to be added to the email list and receive more information!

Teaching and Learning Book Club

This semester, Dr. Barbara McCord is excited to facilitate an in-person book club on teaching strategies and pedagogy. The first meeting will be in September and will be scheduled according to the availability of those who express interest. We have a long list of books we can choose from. During our last book club in 2019, we had such powerful conversations, and we are looking forward to this semester’s book club to be just as insightful.  For questions or to join, please email Dr. McCord at bnmccord@uga.edu.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Connect Support Community

This semester, former Dean’s Engineering Education Fellow, Jasmine Badiee, will be hosting our first ever TA Connect support community for current teaching assistants in the College.  TA Connect is a bi-weekly gathering that allows TAs to have open discussion and build community with one another. It is a graduate-student-led extension of the community support activities introduced in the College’s ENED 7010 course for new TAs.  Participants will have the chance to hear how each others’ TA assignments are going and have time to ask questions and offer advice to one another.  Meetings will be held in hybrid format, and can be attended in-person in Driftmier Room 1215 or joined via Zoom.  Light refreshments will be provided for in-person attendees.  If you are interested to attend TA Connect, please contact Jasmine Badiee (jasminebadiee@uga.edu).

Funding Opportunities

2023-24 Dean’s Engineering Education Fellowship for Ph.D. Students

The Dean’s Engineering Education Fellowship is an annual award sponsored by the Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI) that fully funds two College of Engineering Ph.D. students to engage with engineering education research and practice for one year.  The purpose of the fellowship is to provide an avenue for engineering graduate students from technical areas who want to cultivate and maintain a focus on education as part of their future careers to develop as teachers and educational scholars.

To apply for an award, please fill out the application form linked below by 5 PM, Friday, October 14.  Award decisions will be announced in late October or early November.  Please direct any questions to Dr. John Morelock at John.Morelock@uga.edu.

Link to application: https://ugeorgia.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_a8YRgQFzvFoBJ4i

Research and Innovation Grants

Applications for the EETI 2022-23 Research and Innovation Grants are open now! The purpose of these grants is to promote a thriving ecosystem of engineering education at UGA. This program is intended to support a diversity of research, instructional approaches, and other innovations that have the potential to improve the experience of teaching and learning engineering in our College.

All College of Engineering faculty are welcome to apply. For more details regarding the grants and how to apply, please follow the link below. The application deadline is Friday, September 16, 2022. Please direct any questions to Dr. John Morelock at john.morelock@uga.edu.

Solicitation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SaXZY5e6meR9nrz65-020qge3tejpxEj/

If you would like to become a member of EETI and be featured on EETI’s website, please send an email to: eeti@uga.edu.

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