Forum: Promoting Skillful Learning with Patrick Cunningham

In this workshop, run by Patrick Cunningham, we examined metacognition, our awareness and regulation of our thinking, and its role in becoming more skillful learners. This was a practice-focused experience, aimed at how we can leverage our understanding of metacognition to engage students more deeply with course content and encourage their development as more self-aware and intellectually independent learners. Participants processed cases of common student-teacher interactions. Through doing so, we were able to build frameworks for directing our interactions with students, interactions that can promote student learning and growth as learners. During the workshop participants were encouraged to share their experiences in order to enrich the conversation and broaden applications to situations they face.

The full forum recording was shared internally, contact for access. 

Dr. Patrick Cunningham͛ is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and specializes in controls, internal combustion engines, diagnostics and prognostics. He has industry experience working for Cummins and Holset Engineering, and has co-advised the Society of Automotive Engineers͛ Grand Prix Engineering competition team. Dr. Cunningham has a passion for teaching and is leading Rose-Hulman͛s participation in a national higher education consortium developing and promoting teaching practices to help engineering students reflect on their experiences. As part of this effort, he spent a sabbatical at Virginia Tech to study the learning process and educational psychology. Learn more about Dr. Cunningham

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