Invited Speaker Forum: Pablo Orduña, Co-founder & CEO at LabsLand

Remote Labs in Engineering Education

Invited Speaker Forum: Pablo Orduña, Co-founder & CEO at LabsLand

EETI is excited to welcome distinguished speaker Pablo Orduña, who will speak about remote labs in engineering education.

Over the last years, the introduction of new media has profoundly affected teaching and learning practices in higher education. New media has not only changed our way of interacting and communicating with students but has also established previously unforeseen possibilities for new educational approaches. In engineering education, the emergence of remote and virtual laboratories speaks to that development and a new way of thinking about laboratory learning. Remote laboratories, for example, open up the opportunity to execute real experiments using physically existing equipment over the internet without being in the respective lab. This remote setup gives teachers the opportunity to design classes including laboratory work, either for an off-campus (and even internationally distributed) audience or to include laboratories, which otherwise could not be used because of security, accessibility, or even cost issues.

In this talk, Pablo Orduña will speak about recent developments, current trends, and future opportunities in the area of remote labs from the research and development perspective. Furthermore, this Forum will offer the opportunity for individual hands-on experiences with a diverse set of existing remote labs and joint reflection on future opportunities to include this innovative laboratory learning approach in the College.

The Forum will conclude with the release of the 2019 EETI Augmented, Remote, and Virtual Experimentation Grant solicitation, which will offer substantial internal funding for prospective projects in this area.

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