Forum: Presenting Data Collected on TA Roles and Responsibilities Through the College’s TA Pedagogy Course

In this forum, EETI’s John Morelock will present internal data he has collected about TA roles and responsibilities over the past two years in his role as the instructor of the College’s TA pedagogy course. He will discuss interesting trends the data reveal about how TAs are leveraged across the College, how faculty expectations about [Read More]


Kyle Johnsen Awarded EETI Augmented, Remote, and Virtual Experimentation Grant

As the global pandemic continues, the need for augmented and virtual reality in education grows. This technology is proving to not only benefit students but educators as well. Remote learning has become necessary to stay healthy, but standard methods of remote learning have their limitations, especially when it comes to STEM education. EETI continues to [Read More]


Forum: Promoting Skillful Learning with Patrick Cunningham

In this workshop, run by Patrick Cunningham, we examined metacognition, our awareness and regulation of our thinking, and its role in becoming more skillful learners. This was a practice-focused experience, aimed at how we can leverage our understanding of metacognition to engage students more deeply with course content and encourage their development as more self-aware [Read More]


Dominik May Serves as Guest Editor for JCHE Special Issue on “Online Labs and Virtual Experimentation in Higher Education”

In these unprecedented times, shifting to online learning has been vital for institutions around the world. Though there has been previous experimentation with virtual courses, the global pandemic has made online classrooms/laboratories essential in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Remote learning in STEM education has been achieved through the emergence of digitally augmented, [Read More]


Forum: Leveraging Remote and Virtual Labs to Bridge Hands-On and Online Lab Activities

In this forum, EETI’s Dr. Dominik May, along with several faculty who have worked with him on online lab development, presented how online labs can be powerful tools for distance learning and exhibited several projects they have developed around online labs. The last year has challenged faculty around the globe to bring their courses and learning activities [Read More]


EETI Releases Fourth RAPID Interim Brief

On October 26, 2020, we released a fourth interim brief that provides an update on our ongoing, NSF-funded investigation of how students, staff, and faculty in our college are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and transition to online and hybrid learning. This report detailed findings based on 71 new stories (faculty = 30, staff = 10, [Read More]


EETI presenting engineering education research at Frontiers in Education Conference

The UGA Engineering Education Transformation Institute displayed three research papers at this year’s FIE conference. Dr. Sochacka and her team Drs. Carnell, Schwab, and Hunsu shared recent research results about student resilience in engineering education with their paper on “Performance and perception: A preliminary examination of factors that may motivate students to bounce back”. In [Read More]


Dr. May Serves as Keynote Speaker on Cross Reality technology at ICBL conference at McMaster University

Dr. May gave a keynote at 9th “International Conference on Interactive Collaborative and Blended Learning (ICBL2020)”. In this talk “How Cross Reality technology is changing Engineering Education”, Dr. May took a look at engineering education and its specific innovations in terms of Cross Reality technology for teaching. Cross Reality technologies, understood as an umbrella term [Read More]


2021 EETI Augmented, Remote, and Virtual Experimentation Grants

Following the great success of the EETI Augmented, Remote, and Virtual Experimentation Grants in 2019, the Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI) is offering new grant opportunities to promote online laboratories and virtual experimentation in the UGA College of Engineering. EETI is committed to promoting a thriving ecosystem of future-oriented engineering education programs at UGA. Furthermore, the current [Read More]


EETI Facilitated ASEE Free Webinar: COVID Underrepresented Minority Student Support Webinar

On October 22 at 2 PM, ET EETI member, Racheida Lewis discusses her research into the ways COVID-19 has impacted students at the University of Georgia. This webinar highlights the use of the SenseMaker mixed-method tool to gain insight on the experiences of underrepresented engineering students amid COVID-19. Dr. Lewis aims to present preliminary findings [Read More]

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