Webinar on ProQual approach for the AERA/ ICPSR PEERS Data hub

This workshop is for STEM practitioners across formal and informal K-to-gray settings who want to learn qualitative research methods to broaden their educational change and innovation skillset. The workshop is based on the ProQual Institute for Research Methods that aims to build capacity, confidence, and community in STEM education research. The faculty will introduce a [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #3 – Sociotechnical Partnerships in Engineering Education Research

In this forum, Dr. Ed Berger, from Purdue University, discussed his research and experience in Engineering Education. He spoke on the trajectory of his career and his experiences throughout. Dr. Berger expanded on his visit to Panama and how it changed his perspective. Then, he discussed the MEERCat program at Purdue University and his position [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #2 – 2021 ASEE Travel Fellowship Experience

In this forum, ASEE Travel Fellow discussed their experiences attending education conferences over summer 2021. Dr. Mark Trudgen spoke on the Bring Your Own Experiement: Experimentation and Laboratory-Oriented Studies event. At the conference, he provided a live demo and participated in other labs and collaborated on with other ASEE travel fellows. Then, Victor Oje discussed [Read More]


Dr. John Morelock Featured on “Reflective Teaching in a Digital Age” Podcast

Dr. Morelock was featured as a guest speaker on the May 24, 2021 episode of the podcast “Reflective Teaching in a Digital Age,” hosted by Drs. Natasha Perova-Mello and Nicole Pitterson. In this episode, Dr. Morelock discusses the real-time data collected by EETI to understand student, staff, and faculty experiences during the early months of [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #1 – How we can work to Support Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at UGA

In this forum, Dr. Angela Birkes, from the Office of Institutional Diversity, discussed the meaning of diversity and inclusion, and the importance of them. She expanded on The University of Georgia’s efforts and programs to promote diversity and inclusion with undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Dr. Birkes finished the forum by defining the diversity, [Read More]


EETI undergraduate researchers publish journal article as lead authors

We would like to congratulate undergraduate researchers Hindo Kamanda and Davis Wilson on the publication of their journal article, The Role of Expectations in the Educational Experience and Professional Socialization of Engineering Students in the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice (JHETP) as lead authors in collaboration with Dr. Joachim Walther. Hindo Kamanda is the [Read More]


Dr. Sochacka talked about using empathy to build embodied ethical understandings in engineering as part of a SEFI seminar Emotions and Ethics in Engineering Education

Dr. Sochacka was one of three presenters to discuss connections between ethics and emotions in engineering education in an online seminar organized by the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI). Building on George D. Catalano’s morally deep approach to engineering ethics and her and her colleagues’ own work on empathy in engineering, Dr. Sochacka described [Read More]


Forum: What matters for STEM creativity: Insights from psychology and neuroscience

In this forum, Dr. Abraham discussed the role of creativity in STEM.  The output of creativity in STEM disciplines changes our world in ways that are expansive, profound and irreversible. Yet creative thinking in scientific contexts is surprisingly understudied and underappreciated. This talk explores what we know about creative problem solving, and the surprising interactions [Read More]


Dr. Sochacka discusses educating empathic engineers at the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville

Dr. Sochacka was invited to discuss opportunities and challenges associated with teaching empathic engineers to faculty members at the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (SIUE). She presented to SIUE’s STEM Center and College of Engineering. In her presentation, Dr. Sochacka described key lessons she has learned over the past 8-years of studying empathy in engineering. [Read More]


Drs. Sochacka and Walther team up with engineering education researchers from Virginia Tech to develop a framework for data sharing in engineering education research

Engineering education research has typically focused on researchers collecting new data, resulting in hundreds of data sets that have significant and as yet untapped potential to be analyzed beyond the focus of the original study. Given the significant public investment in these data sets, data sharing or secondary analysis has a transformative potential to produce [Read More]

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