ENED 7010 Alumni Win UGA’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

Two College of Engineering graduate students, Manjyot Chug (middle-right) and Baviththira Suganthan (middle-left) have won one of the University of Georgia’s most prestigious teaching awards for graduate students, the 2022 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Both students took EETI’s ENED 7010 course (Preparing to Be an Effective Engineering Educator) with Dr. John Morelock in Fall 2021 [Read More]


EETI Spring 2021 Forum #3 – Asking Critical Questions About Augmented Reality Education

In this forum, Dr. Iulian Radu from Harvard University’s Graduate College of Education covers lessons from designing AR in Makerspace environments, where students engage in collaborative learning about physics, robotics and electronics. He, specifically, focuses on critical questions that researchers and designers can ask, that reveal the benefits as well as challenges and drawbacks of [Read More]


Dr. Cheryl Gomillion’s Educational Research Featured in UGA Research Newsletter

EETI affiliate faculty member Dr. Cheryl Gomillion was recently featured in an article for the UGA Research Newsletter. In addition to highlighting her biomedical research, the article features her educational research work in the area of diversity and inclusion, supported by EETI.   Check out the article here: https://research.uga.edu/news/cheryl-gomillion-growing-a-diverse-culture/


UGA NSBE takes Anaheim

UGA’s College of Engineering has its first table at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 48th Annual Convention hosted in Anaheim, CA.


EETI Spring 2022 Forum #1 – Engineering Education Showcase

In this forum, multiple members of EETI presented their projects related to student learning. Dr. Ben Fahrman spoke on his implementation of standards-based grading in his Statics course. Followed by Dr. Kyle Johnsen, who presented his work on mixed reality learning with the software, VRDEO. The forum recording was released on YouTube. You can find [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #5 – Engineering Education Showcase

In this forum, multiple members of EETI presented their assessments of student learning. Dr. Racheida Lewis showed off a virtual escape room she has used a team building and bonding exercises. She, also, spoke on her usage of it for exam preparation related to digital logic. Afterwards, Dr. John Morelock presented his Play-by-Play End-of-Semester Evaluation [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #4 – Addressing Barriers to Success for Black women in Higher Education

In this forum, Dr. Jennifer Turner, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hollins University, discussed the barriers Black women face in higher education. She expanded on microaggressions, Imposter Syndrome, and underrepresentation. The forum concluded with Dr. Turner presenting ways institutions can alleviate issues and how Black women can take care of themselves. The forum recording was [Read More]


Webinar on ProQual approach for the AERA/ ICPSR PEERS Data hub

This workshop is for STEM practitioners across formal and informal K-to-gray settings who want to learn qualitative research methods to broaden their educational change and innovation skillset. The workshop is based on the ProQual Institute for Research Methods that aims to build capacity, confidence, and community in STEM education research. The faculty will introduce a [Read More]


Dr. John Morelock presents on models of capacity building with Dr. Amy Chan-Hilton

In November 2021, Drs. John Morelock (University of Georgia) and Amy Chan-Hilton (Southern Indiana University) presented on two complementary models of capacity building in STEM higher education during the AAC&U Transforming STEM in Higher Education 2021 Virtual Conference. Session Title: Elevating Capacity Building Across Multiple Dimensions to Strengthen Transformation Outcomes Session Description: This Ideation/Innovation session [Read More]


EETI Fall 2021 Forum #3 – Sociotechnical Partnerships in Engineering Education Research

In this forum, Dr. Ed Berger, from Purdue University, discussed his research and experience in Engineering Education. He spoke on the trajectory of his career and his experiences throughout. Dr. Berger expanded on his visit to Panama and how it changed his perspective. Then, he discussed the MEERCat program at Purdue University and his position [Read More]

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