Andrew Jackson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Technology and engineering education, Design-based learning, Motivation and self-efficacy, Soft robotics, K-12 education

Dr. Andrew Jackson is an Assistant Professor of Workforce Education, with expertise in technology, engineering, and design education. His research involves cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of learning. In particular, he is interested in design-based learning experiences, how beginning students navigate the design process, and how students’ motivation and confidence plays a role in learning. Dr. Jackson’s past work has bridged cutting-edge soft robotics research to develop and evaluate novel design experiences in K-12 education, followed students’ self-regulation and trajectories while designing, and produced new instruments for assessing design decision-making.


Dr. Jackson received his MS and PhD in Technology from Purdue University, with concentrations in Engineering and Technology Teacher Education and a certificate in Instructional Design. He was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Yale University. His affinity for being in the K-12 classroom can be attributed to his time as a middle-school teacher.


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