Joachim Walther, Ph.D.

EETI Founding Director, Professor of Engineering Education

Research Interests: Interpretive research methodologies, empathy in engineering, engineering formation

Dr. Walther was the Founding Director of the Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI) from 2017 to 2022 and a Professor of engineering education research. In his role as Institute Director, Dr. Walther was committed to creating a collaborative, welcoming, and inclusive environment as the basis for a vibrant engineering education ecosystem in the College of Engineering. His interdisciplinary research program spans research quality across interpretive methodologies, the role of empathy in engineering formation, and student development in interdisciplinary and interprofessional spaces.



Featured Publications

Walther, J., Brewer, M. A., Sochacka, N. W., & Miller, S. E. (2020). Empathy and engineering formation. Journal of Engineering Education, 109(1), 11-33. doi:10.1002/jee.20301

Sochacka, N. W., Walther, J., & Pawley, A. L. (2018). Ethical Validation: Reframing Research Ethics in Engineering Education Research to Improve Research Quality. Journal of Engineering Education, 107(3), 362-379. doi: doi:10.1002/jee.20222

Walther, J., Miller, S. E., & Sochacka, N. W. (2017). A model of empathy in engineering as a core skill, practice orientation, and professional way of being. Journal of Engineering Education, 106(1), 123-148.

Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., Benson, L. C., Bumbaco, A. E., Kellam, N., Pawley, A. L., & Phillips, C. M. L. (2017). Qualitative research quality: A collaborative inquiry across multiple methodological perspectives. Journal of Engineering Education, 106(3), 398-430. doi: 10.1002/jee.20170

Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., & Pawley, A. L. (2016). Data sharing in interpretive engineering education research: Challenges and opportunities from a research quality perspective. Advances in Engineering Education, 5(2), 1-16.

Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., & Kellam, N. N. (2013). Quality in Interpretive Engineering Education Research: Reflections on an Example Study. Journal of Engineering Education, 102(4), 626-659. doi: 10.1002/jee.20029

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